Order Policy:

In order to buy Prescription  medicine  customer need to submit or show your prescriptions/related papers while ordering or receiving medicines from us.  otherwise eousod.com team preserve the right to cancel the order.

Cancellation Policy:

In order to cancel the order mail must to be sent cancel@eousod.com  before 14:00 PM. After 14:00 PM no cancellation of order will be allowed.

Payment Policy:

Customer can a make payment by online payment gateway or CASH ON DELIVERY, In case of online payment convenient charge will be applicable

Return Policy:

Customer can return medicine/goods for the below reasons only-

  • If Wrong medicine is  provided
  • If Medicine/goods have no expire date, or  expire date is over
  • If Security seal of the Pack is broken
  • If Product is damaged
  • Note: Once an order has been shipped eousod.com will not entertain any returns or refund request.


  • eousod.com is a retail pharmacy who resell medicines by maintaining the local government law
  • You must read the medicine full description, dosage, side effect etc. carefully before you/any patient will take/consume
  • You must consult with registered doctors before take or order any medicine. For any medicine related consequences, eousod.com its representatives, associates, owners will not be responsible.
  • Medicine quality, packaging and trademark is solely responsible by the manufacturer and importers, eousod.com only resell those medicine.
  • For any emergency medicine or in case of immediate medical support, consult with registered doctors and purchase medicine from your nearest pharmacy.
  • Your order confirmation will be considered after the verbal confirmation over phone from eousod.com hotline.
  • For a smooth delivery, eousod.com will send SMS, email & give you calls. Beside that we may send you offers or promotions periodically through his channels.
  • Our system may receive some of you information from device/computer like- IP, location, time browser type etc. due to default communication protocol system.
  • Oder may delay or exceed the lead time due to natural disasters, emergency law enforce restrictions & other nation/location wise crisis.
  • eousod.com has the right to cancel any order based on inventory or any issue.
  • Some product or medicine price may vary from website mentioned price.